Thursday, 10 April 2014

Treebones Resort | Big Sur | California

Big Sur radiates positiveo vibeos with a laid back culture that just draws you in. What's not to love about sandy white beaches, sea air, expansive clifftop views and towering Redwood Trees? Naturally, we had to stay another night to soak up the great atmosphere and pop into a couple of local cafés/restaurants. 

We said farewell to Don and Rainbow House - he had no availability for a second night :( but we'd read good things about an eco yurt glampsite called Treebones Resort just south of Big Sur. It made sense to move on, making our way south and we both felt truly blessed to have stayed here, even if it was for one night. 

We managed to book the last yurt available at Treebones. They usually have a three night minimum stay policy but i hammed up the English accent playing that slightly awkward, overly polite, apologetic Brit, channelling Hugh Grant in every role he's EVER played and it worked! 

Treebones has a great reputation and I can see why, each yurt is finished to a high spec, there's a pool overlooking the sea and an excellent restaurant on site that serves quality meals made with locally sourced produce. 

We ate in the restaurant that evening and had by far the best meal we've had in California. The menu is created around what's in season with produce from the kitchen garden. The garden was bursting with goodness; herbs, lettuce, beets, artichokes, avocados, limes and lemons. Each course was light, healthy and wholesome making a refreshing change after weeks of American sugar filled, processed food. Don't get me wrong I bloody love a good burger and sugary treat from time to time but even the porridge we had was made with cream and loaded with added sugar, I seriously needed to rein it in! 

Aside from a fantastic restaurant and organic garden the site also has a treehouse, camping space and The Nest. The Nest is probably the most adventurous glamping option I've ever seen but not for the faint hearted. It's a collection of wood created to form a human nest structure. Its not waterproof, there's no electric or heating, you rock up with a sleeping bag and nestle down for the night. The structure offers the perfect place to fall asleep under the stars in the most natural environments. Quite something really, well providing it doesn't rain of course!  

We enjoyed our stay here but neither of us were wowed by it. They crammed A-LOT of yurts in a relatively small space and were building more. I believe their aim was to create an eco community but it lacked authenticity creating more of a summer camp vibe. The "resort" element screamed cheesy American glossiness that detracted from the natural beauty it could be.  

Here are the snaps. Enjoy! 

    The yurt

    Our view

    The Yurts

    The Nest

    The Kitchen Garden

    The Potting Bench 

    The Treehouse

     Big Sur Bakery | Amazing Coffee 

    Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park 

     Big Sur Coastline 

    Camper loving 

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