California is a glamping enthusiasts playground with lots of quirky and unique places to stay, anywhere that's bonkers enough to host an annual dog surfing competition, where pooches of all shapes and sizes ride those infamous Californian waves fully kitted out in shades with doggy-boards is a place I want to explore. Known for it's laid back culture, big imagination and individuality, I like many others set off to the golden state to pursue my dream, that wasn't to become a Hollywood star but to discover what California had to offer a glamping enthusiast like me. With it's incredible coastline and natural beauty it promised great adventure, and certainly didn't disappoint. Here are my top five glamping spots not to miss.

1: The Human Nest | Treebones Resort | Big Sur

The Nest at Treebones Resort - cliff-top glamping site overlooking the Pacific Ocean just off the coast of Big Sur, is probably the most adventurous glamping option I've ever seen and is certainly not for the faint hearted. Made from a collection of wood created to form a human nest structure, it's neither waterproof or heated, the idea is to rock up with a sleeping bag and nestle down for the night under the stars, falling asleep in the most natural and magical environments. Really quite something, well providing it doesn't rain of course!

Glamping California - Treebones Resort Human Nest
The Nest

Treebones Resort
Kitchen Garden

Treebones Resort Yurts
Yurts Treebones Resort

For travellers looking for something a little more comfortable, Treebones Resort has other glamping options including several luxurious yurts and a treehouse, all with outstanding views and next to an outdoor pool, shower facilities and restaurant. The restaurant serves up rustic meals using ingredients grown from on site kitchen garden - deliciously wholesome and feelgood food guaranteed to restore much needed energy after a day adventuring the Redwood Forests. 

2: Trailer Trash | Hicksville | Joshua Tree 

Hicksville motel park is quite possibly the coolest place I've stayed, located 5miles from Joshua Tree Hicksville started out as an artists retreat with on site recording studio, musicians and writers escaped here to be creative. It's distinctively American with a 24hour jukebox playing rock and roll tunes, festival going musos lazing by the pool, drinking beer and soaking up the sunshine. 

Each trailer has it's own story, I stayed in the Sideshow - an old circus caboose Uncle Higby used to travel the country in showing off his sideshow oddities and selling potions. The story was brought to life by the imagination of set designer from TV series Carnivale who created a freak boutique complete with fortune telling Zultan  - as seen most famously in film Big. 

Anything and everything goes here, you are encouraged to socialise with guests, play dress up - Fifi trailer has a wonderful selection of wigs, star gaze from the roof top jacuzzi and it's motel etiquette to show all guests your trailer, so to speak! 

The Pee Wee - Gypsy Wagon
Pee Wee Gypsy Wagoon
The Integratrailor

The FiFi -Hicksville
The FiFi
The Sideshow

3: Hippy House | Rainbow House | Big Sur

Rainbow house is the wild vision of owner, creator and craftsman Don Louis, built into the hillside of the redwood trees along the Big Sur coastline staying here gives you a window into Don's world. This bronzed Californian ex beach bum has created a rustic unconventional hidden paradise in a very humbling setting. Rainbow House is brightly painted handmade spacious wooden hut crammed full of wonderful trinkets and mismatched furniture giving the place a very distinctive personality and charm. The coastal fog and tall trees gives this place an mystical atmosphere but when the fog lifts, you an see to the ocean from the roof top veranda. It's a truly natural, whimsical and beautiful spot that you can't help but fall in love with because of the hard work gone into creating it.

There are trails dug into the hillside for guests to explore with places to relax, it's the perfect retreat to listen to music, watch the sunset, drink wine and play cards. 

California glamping
Rainbow House

Glamping Big Sur - Rainbow House
Living Space
Big Sur
Big Sur
4: Cabin Fever | Far Meadow | Yosemite National Park 

A traditional wooden Cabin on the outskirts of Yosemite National Park, for those who like remote places and appreciate well thought through design - all solar powered, eco friendly and built around the base of a huge tree. We found ourselves eating alfresco, lighting fires and sitting outside listening to the wildlife. A great family glamping spot with lots of space for kids to run around and an tire swing that keeps them entertained for hours. It's just over an hour to drive into Yosemite village, some of the most incredible scenery on the way and once you get there hire bikes to get round the park and see some of the less popular hidden waterfalls and trails. They have other glamping options available in the summer months including vintage trailers and caravans. 

Far Meadow - Yosemite
Far Meadow Cabin

Yosemite National Park
Yosemite Waterfall
5: Camper-van-man | vwsurfari | LA

Last but by no means least, the granddaddy of glamping - the campervan is the perfect way to explore the coastline and gives you a great sense of freedom to stopover wherever you want. There are loads of companies to hire classic VW or RV's, I've recommended VW Surfari as they've lovingly restored super-cool vintage VW camper buses for you to casually cruse along highway 1. All vans are kitted out with camping equipment and flower-power interiors.

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